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JDI Distribution is an industry leading manufacturer, distributor, exporter and wholesaler of premium food brands & consumer products supported by award winning customer support. 

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We Connect global brands & consumer products to retailers, wholesalers, buyers & sellers worldwide.


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JDI Distribution

 JDI Distribution is an industry leading manufacturer, distributor, exporter and wholesaler of premium food brands & consumer products supported by award winning customer support. We provide individuals (B2C) and companies (B2B) with products and services they want. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.

Since 2015, JDI Distribution has built new brands, launched new food products, on-boarded new distribution partners & connected our products with new wholesalers, retailers, distributors, buyers & sellers - and we're still looking for more! Collectively, our group of global brands have shipped over 3,000,000+ products worldwide. We believe in & invest in opportunities that will deliver a quick, convenient, and hassle-free eCommerce shopping experience.

Browse our site, learn more about our services & brands, and then take a minute to reach out to the JDI team to learn how you can become a JDI Distribution partner. Whether you are big or small, we have a wholesale, private label, retail partnership or distribution program built for you! 

Our Brands

Brew Glitter Card.jpg

Brew Glitter® is the #1 FDA compliant & Kosher certified edible beverage glitter in the world. Brew Glitter® is the original edible glitter for beer, cocktails, wine coolers & other liquors & spirits.


Krazy Sprinkles® are the highest quality sprinkles on the market. With a variety of beautiful colors to choose from and quality you can trust, easily bring your baked goods to life.


Since launching in 2015 we have become masters at our craft.  Our group of global brands have shipped over 3,000,000 products. We go above and beyond your product requests to keep you coming back for more. Whether you are big or small, we have a program built for you! Our extensive product knowledge is second to none. It’s not just the reputation of our brands or the quality of our food products that gives you a competitive edge, it’s also the quality of the people that support will support you along the way.

If you are ready to become a wholesale or distribution partner and/or are ready to place your wholesale, bulk, or private label order for one of our products please visit any of our brands websites and place your order, click here.


If you would like a quote or have questions about our wholesale or private label programs, please visit any of our brands websites and reach out to their sales departments directly, click here.


Or you can contact the JDI Distribution wholesale team directly and we can put you in touch with the brands wholesale & distribution sales team, click here.


Tinker Logo.png

Tinker Dust® glitters are edible FDA-approved glitter options that can be used to bring shimmer and shine to just about any baked treat and confection you can imagine.

Smokun Grill SQ.png

Smokin' Grill® crafted, small batch award winning BBQ sauces, dry rubs and hot sauces! Available for wholesale in Smokin Grill' brand packaging or private label packaging.

Glitter Company Card Logo.png

Glitter Company® is the industry leading glitter manufacturer, distributor and exporter of 100% FDA complaint edible glitter, polyester glitter, cosmetic glitter & polyacrylic iridescent glitters.

Dazzle Dust.jpg

Dazzler Dust® is the ultimate solution for professional bakers and home decorating who want to ante up on their eats and treats that require a craft-level dust or that really dials up the WOW quotient.

BBQ Square.png

BBQthingz® is the #1 BBQ & grill accessories brand. From grilling tools, heavy duty grill aprons & basting brushes to small-batch award winning BBQ sauces, hot sauces & dry rub seasonings!


Petal Dust Paints® are a blast for children of all ages! Let your baby explore painting with our 100% edible All Natural Finger Paint for babies and Paint sets for kids & toddlers!


Our Services

Manufacturing & Packaging

As the leading edible glitter manufacturers in the US, the JDI team team is proud to bring you a range of fully FDA-compliant edible glitters, dusts, pigments, and paints that have been locally manufactured at our premises in Southern Carolina so we can offer it to you at factory direct prices.

Manufacture Card.webp

Private Label & Custom Brands


JDI makes it easy to re-sell our amazing edible glitter products using your own brand and your own label!  We provide an easy, affordable and complete, turn-key private label service which is perfect for re-sellers, retailers and distributors!

Private Label_Edible Glitter Private Lab

Wholesale & Distribution

JDI distribution is committed to growing the brand as efficiently and as quickly as possible by enabling distributors & wholesalers across the globe! JDI has FOUR amazing wholesale programs to choose from, and whether you are big or small, we have a program built for you!

Private Label and Brand Card.png

Turn Key Retail Programs

Are you interested in selling our products in your retail store to your customers? Just pick the glitter product you want to resell, Tinker Dust® or Brew Glitter®, and select the display configuration that works best for you. That's it. Everything to get started is included in the price.

Turn Key Card.jpg
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